Workouts for the thinking person.

Stay active at home through online workouts.  You can also learn the basics of the Alexander Technique and then apply them to your workout. All classes are $15 to drop in. See you in class!


8:30am-9:30am EST Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

This class has a strong focus on breathing and mindful movement. An excellent way to increase flexibility, and strength in mind and body.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:00pm and Saturday at 8:30am.

Fitness classes are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday evening and Saturday morning. These classes are High Intensity Interval Training, targeted at all levels.  A mat and weights are used in this class.  Go at your pace. Find your own rhythm. Work with the weight you feel comfortable with and can sustain.


All classes on the online Movement page

If you want to create a great habit that will help you maintain your use, subscribe monthly for a minimum of 12 months and you will have access to all online movement classes for one year.


8:30am-9:30am EST Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Pay per class for Pilates.


The Alexander Technique Movement Center

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