Studying Alexander Technique with Jennifer has changed how I relate to my body.  Her Pilates classes use the Alexander Technique as a basis for movement and so I get to keep it up.  I have really enjoyed her classes. She is an excellent teacher.


I have benefitted from learning how to tie the gentle nod of the head to move with the pelvis and that this connection goes through the neck, down the thoracic vertebrae, including the ribs and breathing onto the lower back and pelvis. This gentle nodding of the head works to expedite your core!!

In a class we move from working with the head, neck and back relationship to integrate that with, simple arm and leg movements, building up to harder movements, while working to maintain breathing.

These classes have benefitted me in particular. I broke my back and have been in a brace for 4 months.  It is amazing how weak I was in the beginning, and yet I moved comfortably through the class.

Thank you Jennifer. 


Jenny truly connects with the Alexander Technique and is very easily able to convey the valuable skills this technique has to offer, to her students.

​I am absolutely more in tune with my body and its capabilities. My flexibility has improved, my core is stronger, I have an improved sense of balance, and I no longer hold my breath while exercising.  I am breathing!!! 

With my thanks and appreciation for you and your wonderful classes.


Being internally ready is a state of mind as well as of body.


After taking a few lessons in the Alexander Technique you look different and you move in ways you could not have planned out.


I find myself taking a moment before I do something and then thinking the directions. It really makes a difference to how I move.